What I Offer


Photo Editing

Editing can be hard, let me do it for you.

I offer extremely customizable a la carte editing services. From your basic retouching to completely removing that shirtless dude that you swore wasn't there a moment ago.


Portrait Session

Your Image, Creatively

You are a unique person, allow me to capture that to show the world who you really are. I live to help you express yourself.



A hippie at heart

I've been shooting since I was seven, ever since my mom let me use the family camera at the fare to photograph the penguins.
I have an amazing dog named Oswald, who takes up most of my time.
When I'm not photographing or spending time with the pup you can find me exploring and hiking, getting more tattoos, looking for new music or drinking coffee with friends.


Let's Make Some Memories!


Sundog Photography

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